Christmas Lovejoy

There are times I wish I didn’t live in the northern hemisphere. My brother-in-law lives in New Zealand, so maybe one of these days we’ll have an extended visit. It’s too bad we’re not there now though, since they have a great view of a pretty spectacular comet.

Nice view, but it looks like it might be a little Chile there.

Pretty amazing. What’s even more amazing is that we just saw this comet plunge through the atmosphere of the sun and come out intact! We’ve never seen anything quite like it. It was a well recorded event.

I’m sure in the not too distant past, someone would have interpreted this as some kind of scary omen indicating some terrible disaster about to befall their civilization. Certainly the result of offending a deity that clearly knew you weren’t really paying attention at the last goat sacrifice. Well, aren’t you sorry now, you about-to-be-smote jerk!

Good thing we don’t have that kind of backward thinking in the 21st century!



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