I’ve been interested in Astronomy since I was a kid, even before Carl Sagan totally blew my six year old mind with the Cosmos series on PBS. Between the spacecraft of the imagination, facts and ideas presented as only Sagan could and those professorial turtlenecks, I was helpless to the allure of the universe on a grand scale.

Since then I’d managed to live my life in a way (for the past 20 years or so) that has kept me very busy at night, which coupled with living in constantly cloudy New England, had made going outside with a telescope challenging to the point of bleak futility.

More recently though, I’ve decided to switch gears and free up my time and embrace the things that really matter to me. I’m married now, live in a semi-quiet neighborhood and have a totally decent telescope. This year will mark the beginning of me taking amateur astronomy more seriously and this blog will be the record of it.



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