Happy Holidays and Merry New Year

This has been an eventful year for astronomy. The James Webb Space Telescope was “saved”, the shuttle was retired, we got the best looks to date of an asteroid and Mercury, plus we were seemingly bombarded with numerous discoveries of exoplanets, a surprising number very like Earth. Of course, there was much, much more, but listing it all out is no fun.

I suspect next year will be at least equally exciting and quite possibly as tumultuous. It should go without saying that the one thing that won’t happen will be the world’s end via Mayan prophetic calendar disaster. Some day I’ll open a museum of all the failed doomsday predictions that have ever failed. It’ll be a hoot!

At any rate, regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or just stick with some oldschool Pagan rituals, have a safe and happy whatever as well as a safer and at least equally happy new year. May you get all the things you want and want all the things you get.

Now, here are some dudes on Mir at their 1997 Christmas party.

It's way hard to photocopy your butt in zero gravity, so they discovered.


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