Giving the gift of Sagan

First off, you may have noticed I’ve been really terrible lately about updating the ‘ol blog lately, but don’t worry, it’s just been tricky schedule stuff. I should be back on a more regular posting pace by the end of the year.

Secondly, my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday, which would normally have noting to do with astronomy, but she gave me a very special book. I was presented with a first edition copy of Carl Sagan’s Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective, which is I think the ONLY book of his I didn’t have. It’s definitely the next thing I’ll read. This book is so uncommonly seen that I couldn’t even find an image of the cover online, only the reprint, which is a bit different.


It’s a huge understatement to say I’m looking forward to this. Have no fear that I’ll be generous when it comes time to share my opinions about it.



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