Gone clubbing

Last night my wife and I went to a meeting of the Aldrich Astronomical Society, out in Paxton. I’m currently a member of the South Shore Astronomical Society, despite being terrible about attending the meetings, but I’m knee deep in a project that is in the Worcester area and Aldrich was the club I wanted to check out.

I was impressed with the meeting and I think my wife enjoyed it too. There was a good presentation on the moon, since it was International Observe The Moon Night, and a few other interesting topics. They pointed a few noteworthy double stars and, being in Paxton, we were able to go right outside and view them, along with the moon, jupiter and a few star clusters.

Oh man, the colors! THE COLORS!

I’m definitely going to join and I think I’ll be able to contribute something to this club. They were very welcoming, and an entertainingly motley crew. If you’re interested in astronomy, checking out a club meeting is free, interesting and probably the best place to start. Of course, most people start by buying an expensive telescope, but as I’ve said before, you should start with the free stuff. Aldrich is a good one if you’re in the Worcester area, but no matter where you live, there’s a club near you.


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