Doesn’t matter, saw stars

Finally. Holy Toledo. I can’t flippin’ believe I finally got out in a dark field to see some stuff. The persistence of cloudy, wet weather has been a real pain and fairly discouraging, but yesterday, two days after it was originally predicted to change for the better, the skies cleared.

Went out to my Worcester observing site, which I still have to stay quiet about for the time being, a bit later than originally planned. After being caught in a few sun showers during the day and assessing the conditions to be such that I’d be sacked by the dew before I was even done setting up, I thought I was staying in for the night. Maybe I misread it, but I swear I saw the humidity and dew point drop sharply from 7pm to 9pm. I’m glad I re-checked!

I didn’t make it to the site until about 11pm, which was fine since the moon was still bright and above the tree line. It gave me a lot of light for setting up and once I was situated I just had a look at jupiter for a while until it set. Seeing on the horizon sucked, like it generally does, but once things were high in the sky, they looked pretty good.

I couldn’t wait for Mars to come up, so I’ll have to go back for it in the coming months. I’ve been looking forward to observing that little red SOB for some time now.

Since I always put some kind of pic or video on my posts, here’s one that doesn’t have much to do with anything.

This would be me at the UFO museum in Roswell. I'm the guy in the white shirt.


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